6 Best Skis For Intermediate Skiers (…and 1 to avoid)

If you’re looking to level up your skiing and hit some more difficult slopes then you need skis that are able to keep up with your growing skills. My top pick for intermediate skiers in the Blizzard Rustler 9. It’s a solid intermediate ski that isn’t too hard to handle but is also trusted by … Read more

Skiing Speeds (How Fast Do Skiers Go?)

The average skiing speed of recreational skiers is 10-20 mph (16-32 km/h). Skilled amateur skiers can get up to 20-40 mph while Olympic downhill racers reach 90-95 mph regularly. Italian speed skier Ivan Origone set a world speed skiing record of 158.4 mph in 2016. So as you can see, skiing speeds vary tremendously depending … Read more

How To Carry Skis (The Easy Way)

Skis are a pain to carry, especially when you have all your other ski gear with you. The good news is that you’re not the only one having difficulty with this and there are ways to carry skis that make it a lot easier. I’ll share with you some of the ways that I carry … Read more

Short vs. Long Skis

Short skis allow you to make shorter sharper turns but are slower in general and have less control at higher speeds while longer skis have a larger turning radius but will let you ski faster and give you more control at higher speeds. The general rule is to pick a ski that is between your … Read more

Are Ski Boots Universal?

If you are planning to buy some ski boots or replace the ones you have, it’s important to ensure that the boots, bindings, and skis all work together perfectly to ensure safety, comfort, and performance Ski boots are universal as long as the type of skiing they are designed for matches the bindings and skis … Read more

Can Ski Boots Be Stretched?

Ski boots can be stretched out, but some require more effort in stretching them out than others. This depends on the material the boots are made out of.  Boots that are made of less expensive materials or made from seams require more effort in trying to stretch them out, whereas boots that are made out … Read more