Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet

Foot pain is one of the most common struggles that skiers with wide feet experience on the mountain. In my opinion, a great day on the slopes is when you can ski for as long as you’d like without feeling any unnecessary pain.

If you have wide feet, check out these ski boots and you won’t have to worry about foot pain on the slopes.

Here are my best ski boots for people wide feet.

Top Pick | Atomic Hawx Magna 110 S Ski Boots

There isn’t a single model that’s better than the Atomic Hawx Magna when it comes to alleviating pain caused from wide feet. These boots have received rave reviews in the alpine industry, and they dominate in tons of categories.

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The width or last on the boot is 102 mm. This is a smaller width for wide feet, but they still manage to alleviate pain. The last isn’t the only feature in the boot that makes it the best option for people with wide feet. The shape of the boot is made to contour to wide feet thanks to the Memory Fit liner.

The boot will naturally expand over time depending on the width of a person’s foot. This technology allows Atomic to separate themselves from the competition.

The boot doesn’t give up in the performance category just because it’s a comfortable fit for many skiers. The Hawx Magna comes with four buckles and a power strap so you’ll feel locked in and ready to attack any trail.

With a flex rating of 110, the Atomic Hawx would be a perfect fit for intermediate skiers and beyond. You can adjust the flex rating of the boot as well with some of the screw technology that Atomic incorporated into the boot.

This boot will cost you a solid chunk of change. This is the only problem that I have with the model. However, it’s very tough to put a price tag on comfort and that’s why the Hawx Magna take the top spot with ease.

Budget Option | Salomon X Access 70 Wide Ski Boots

Although, the Salomon X Access are a phenomenal boot for a casual skier at a great price point. This is Salomon’s marquee wide model, and they deliver in every category. The last in this model is 104mm which gives skiers a ton of room to reduce pinching caused from wide feet.  

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If you’re an expert skier, you shouldn’t consider these boots due to their flex rating. A 70 flex is a very low rating, so these boots probably won’t meet your expectations in the performance department.

Salomon can make the last so wide because of the features the company included in the upper region of the boot. You’ll have the ability to make so many adjustments to these boots. You can lock yourself in tight in the calf region of the boot. This makes you feel secure while giving your feet room to breathe.

The X Access also features a flex liner which keeps the cold out and also molds to the shape of your feet. All the technology that Salomon included in the boot made them built to last.

If you have plans of competing in the future, this isn’t the best boot on the market. However, the comfort level in the X Access is superior for an outstanding price point.

Beginner Pick | Nordica Cruise 70 Ski Boots

Nordica is one of the best alpine brands you’ll find on the mountain. Their Cruise 70 is the ideal boot for beginner skiers with wide feet. The first thing that stands out in these boots is their last which comes in at 104mm.

104mm is a great width for skiers with wide feet. It provides plenty of room to limit discomfort from a hard day of skiing on the mountain. In addition to the wide last, the Cruise 70 features a Comfort-Fit Liner.

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The Comfort Fit Liner provides extra padding to take strain off of wide feet. It also features superior insulation technology to keep feet warm throughout the entire day. Warm feet can be just as uncomfortable as boot pinching so insulation should never be a forgotten feature in any model.

Nordica also designed the boots to provide new skiers with a natural feel. They’re built to support you on the slope. This means you won’t have to lean too far forwards or backwards to feel powerful in the model. This is thanks to the four buckles and power strap which are included in the Cruise 70.

It’s rare to find a beginner boot with this design, but Nordica emphasized this when they introduced the Cruise model.

The only issue with this boot is that it won’t be satisfactory as you move up to an intermediate or advanced level. This boot is a true beginner model so assess your goals before purchasing the Cruise 70.

Intermediate Pick | Rossignol Speed 100 Ski Boots

I would describe the Rossignol Speed 100 boots as the Cruise 70 with much more performance capability. A beginner who has graduated from the green trails would love these boots, but they’re a true intermediate model.

The last is 104mm which puts these boots in the wide category. This gives skiers plenty of room, so foot pinching is extremely rare. Someone with big calves may have difficult with the Speed 100. Rossignol made this area of the boot slightly tighter in order to maximize performance.

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This is the major complaint with this boot, but they’re made to perform. The Custom T3 liner keeps your feet warm and custom molds to your feet. This gives you an amazing fit, so you’ll feel cozy while tearing up the slopes.

Rossignol did their best to minimize extra material in these boots. They did just that and it’ll be evident for any skier who puts on a pair of the Speed 100. They’re lightweight which helps minimize fatigue on the slopes as well as when you’re just walking around the resort in between runs.

The price is outstanding for what you’re getting in this boot. There are expert skiers that would love to use this boot, so you won’t have to buy a new boot if you want to start going off-piste and explore the backcountry.

Advanced/Competitive Pick | Tecnica Mach Sport EVH 120 Ski Boots

Tecnica boots are a great option for advanced skiers looking to carve on the frontside and shred throughout the backcountry. The Mach Sport EVH 120 Ski Boots have a massive last of 106mm. This is rare for an advanced boot because space typically dulls performance.

Tecnica found a way to emphasize space, but also implement the necessary technology to allow skiers to push the pace all over the resort. The boot is made with four buckles and an intense power strap to lock you into the boot. The power strap acts as a fifth buckle which isn’t the case in many boots with this design.

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The shell is customizable so you can adjust specific pressure points if you feel the need. A boot fitter at your local ski shop can customize it to your liking. This is great for performance and comfort for a long day on the mountain.

With a flex of 120, you’ll be able to apply power to these boots in order to fly down any trail. This will also give you superior control through the trees.

If your feet are on the smaller side of wide, you may be swimming in these boots. These boots are also massive in the calf area, so you need to have bigger legs to feel great in these boots.

If you fit these qualifications, you won’t be disappointed with the Tecnica Mach Sport EVH 120 Ski Boots.

What Ski Boot Brands Are Best For Wide Feet?

Some boots are better than others for wide feet. Even though Atomic takes the top spot, I wouldn’t say they emphasize wide feet like other brands in the industry. The Hawx Magna 110 S is a superior boot, but Atomic usually sways towards performance and smaller widths.

Rossignol is a phenomenal brand for wide feet. They make tons of models that any wide footed skier would be happy to wear. Nordica is also a company that features a wide variety of wide models. They also manufacture narrow models as well so do research before making any purchases.

Another great brand for wide boots is Salomon. They are an amazing alpine brand that attempts to maximize performance while keeping skiers’ feet comfortable all day long.

What Skiers With Wide Feet Should Look For When Choosing Ski Boots

The main thing to look for if you’re a skier with wide feet is last size. Last is the width across the forefoot. This is the primary factor that prevents pinching inside ski boots. A wide last is 104-106mm. Most wide boots are usually 104mm.

If you go under 104mm, you could experience some pinching if you have wide feet. You also want to look at the calf volume measurement. This varies for all skiers with wide feet. If you have big calves, you should look for a boot that’s roomy in that region.

If you’re constricted in the calves, this could lead to foot discomfort on the mountain as well.

Finally, you can’t forget about flex rating. Advanced skiers should look for boots with a higher flex rating. This allows you to stay locked in and push the pace down the trail all day long.

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