Can Ski Boots Be Stretched?

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Ski boots can be stretched out, but some require more effort in stretching them out than others. This depends on the material the boots are made out of. 

Boots that are made of less expensive materials or made from seams require more effort in trying to stretch them out, whereas boots that are made out of a stronger material will stretch more easily. 

Like all footwear, ski boots will need time to break in and to fit the shape of your foot. It is important that your ski boots fit you correctly, as you do not want a boot too tight or loose when you are skiing. How your boot fits you can impact your comfort and your performance. 

Stretching out your boots is important, so it is best to seek a professional to stretch out your boots. They will make sure your boots fit your feet and are adjusted correctly to your size. 

How much does it cost to get my boots stretched

Boot stretching prices can vary from $20-40 depending on the boot and the shop you go to. The ski shop will be able to quote you once you go there, as it depends on the amount of stretching that needs to be done and the boot style you have. 

Depending on where you purchase your boots, the price might include boot stretching, especially if it is a higher-end boot. Ski boots can be stretched and fitted by any boot fitter.

Reasons to have your boots stretched 

If you have been wearing the ski boots for at least five to seven ski days and they do not feel correct to you, then you can get them looked at. 

The boots should be worn properly. If they are not too tight and are causing pain to your feet, then you should get them looked at. A boot fitter would be able to tell you if they are fitting correctly or need to be stretched. 

You can ask for a consultation, which might be free, to see if you need the boots stretched. If there is too much pressure on your feet and lower legs, it might be a reason to have your boots looked at. 

Ankle pressure, bunions, forefoot pressure, and heel spurs are a few reasons to have your boots stretched. 

How are ski boots stretched

To be stretched, the boots are placed into hot water and then a boot stretcher is placed inside the boot. Once it is placed it is locked into the boot and then pressure is applied to certain parts of the boot in order for it to be stretched correctly for you.

Stretching boots out at home 

If you want to stretch your ski boots yourself at home, it’s important that it is done correctly. 

You’ll need a tool called a boot fitter. It may take time getting used to using a boot fitter, so if you have an older pair of boots it might be a good idea to practice on them first before you use the fitter on your new pair of boots.

There are four important areas that need to be stretched out; the calf, the ankle, the width of the foot, and around the toes. 

Try on your boots and walk around in them for a little bit. Take notes of where your boots need to be stretched to keep track of what areas of the boots need to be stretched. Put the boot fitter inside the boot and adjust it so the boot is stretched in these areas and fits you correctly. 

It can take time to get used to adjusting your boots on your own, so seeking out a professional for help is a good idea. 

When to replace your ski boots

If your boots don’t fit and you can’t stretch them to get fit, then you might just need to replace them. 

There is no specific time frame for when ski boots need to be changed. The amount of skiing you do will have some impact on that, as those who ski more frequently will most likely need new ski boots newer than the casual skier. 

Little scuffs and light wear and tear are normal on ski boots and not a cause for concern. However, when the toe is adjusted or there are any breaks in the plastic shell, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to get a new pair of boots.

There can be a major concern for safety if the boots do not release easily or if they do not fit correctly into the bindings anymore. 

Most ski boots can last at least 175-200 ski days. The boot liner might need to be replaced before that. If so, you can just replace the boot liner and keep your boots. 

How much are custom fitted boots

Custom fitted boots can vary in price depending on the style and boot material. Some custom boots can start at $700-800, with prices going up to $1200-1500. Custom footbeds would be an extra $200.